A Cry From Christian Students in Indonesia

(Rev. Mangapul Sagala)
Dr Eka Darmaputera, an Indonesian theologian, once said that the Indonesian problem is basically a moral problem. I think most of us –if not all- would agree with that statement. Since what is known as the main caused of the problem, namely the so called "KKN", Indonesian abbreviation for "Corruption", "Collusion" and "Nepotism" have to do with moral values. It is very sad to say that very few Indonesian leaders are freed from that "sickness". It had been accepted as a lawful thing in the Suharto regime. Hence, within thirty- two years of his leadership as the President, he and other leaders from the highest to the lowest position, from Jakarta -the capital city- to other towns as well as villages that spread out in thousand islands in Indonesia, they built up their own "KKN".

It is publicly known that whoever will be the following presidents, will face the same problem. Therefore, even though Indonesia is known as a "paradise" which its huge-rich natural resources, yet Indonesia is one of the biggest debtors in the world. This "KKN" has certainly brought upon Indonesia a great problem, and causes its people to suffer very much!

Is there any hope for Indonesia? As believers who have faith in God we must answer with, "yes". Certainly we must do something for that. We fully agree with the saying, "Do your best, and God will do the rest". To take up this task, PERKANTAS (Indonesian name for Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship) is being called: To train and equip the students in Indonesia for the future leaders, both for the nations as well as for the churches. We thank God that since Perkantas was established in 1971, God has blessed us so richly. The student movement is growing in quality as well as quantity. In Jakarta alone Perkantas has been involved in more than 95 campus fellowships. And many of our graduates have been involved in building up our country. Some of them hold the top positions in the government as well as churches and institutions. This student movement –and the high school as well- spread out from Jakarta to other parts of Indonesia: Bandung (West Java), Yogyakarta and Semarang (Central), Surabaya (East), and to other Islands, such as Sumatera, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Bali, Maluccu until Irian Jaya. Now, beside its national board in Jakarta, Perkantas has ten regional boards (Badan Pengurus Cabang) and ten local boards (Badan Pengurus Ranting). Once in three year we organize a national conference. The main purpose of this conference is to equip the final year students for mission. Here the participants are taught how to be involved in various missions, as the "tent makers" ministry, full timers and others. Our last national conference was performed last year. It was attended by almost eight hundred students with the Bible Expositor Dr Bobby Sng, from Singapore.

In order to equip the key student leaders from various campus fellowships, once in two year we organize the Regional Camp. Now Perkantas Jakarta and its regions are preparing for the seventh Regional Leadership Camp. This camp will be held in 6-10 February

2002, with 800 delegates. Please pray for this coming event, and for all Perkantas activities. May God will continue to use Perkantas to prepare and equip the future leaders of Indonesia, for His own glory and for the peace of His people.-

*Presented on the CSCA exhibition 2001
by: Rev. Mangapul Sagala, D.Th student