(Rev. Mangapul Sagala)
Dr Eka Darmaputera, an Indonesian theologian, once said that the Indonesian problem is basically a moral problem. I think most of us –if not all- would agree with that statement. Since what is known as the main caused of the problem, namely the so called "KKN", Indonesian abbreviation for "Corruption", "Collusion" and "Nepotism" have to do with moral values. It is very sad to say that very few Indonesian leaders are freed from that "sickness". It had been accepted as a lawful thing in the Suharto regime. Hence, within thirty- two years of his leadership as the President, he and other leaders from the highest to the lowest position, from Jakarta -the capital city- to other towns as well as villages that spread out in thousand islands in Indonesia, they built up their own "KKN".

It is publicly known that whoever will be the following presidents, will face the same problem. Therefore, even though Indonesia is known as a "paradise" which its huge-rich natural resources, yet Indonesia is one of the biggest debtors in the world. This "KKN" has certainly brought upon Indonesia a great problem, and causes its people to suffer very much!

In June 16-23 I flew from London to Rome, doing research in the Gregorian University (Pontifico Institutio Biblico). It was a part of my doctoral research -as the D.Th student of Trinity Theological College, Singapore- which I was doing at Tyndale House, Cambridge, from March-Sept '03. Within this week, I had the opportunity to lead the Sunday service which was organized by the Indonesian community in Rome. The service which was held at the Indonesian Embassy was also attended by some Catholic priests as well as the Ambassador himself and his wife. It was in this special occasion, the Ambassador, Gen. Freddy Numberi giving his impressive testimony of his own life.
May this testimony will bring a great blessing for all of the people of God.
Mangapul Sagala.
A Life Reflection From Indonesian Ambassador For Italy, General (Ret) Freddy Numberi

Kinasih, West Java, May 27th ‘05

Student Engagement in the Society
(Rev. Mangapul Sagala)

I thank God for the opportunity to share the word of God with you, especially dealing with the student engagement in the society.
Both of us –my self and bro. Lyndon- will share our thoughts. After that, we will continue our discussion with question and answer. We hope the participants not only raise the questions, but rather we hope that you also kindly share your thoughts.

First, I will focus on the theological basis, and brother Lyndon will continue with practical insights. Indeed, we are blessed to have him with us, since he has a good background to share this topic with you tonight. He is a lawyer, and comes from the country, Philippines, where his people, including IVCF- have proven their involvement in the society as well as the nation (remember people’s power).

Eunice was a businesswoman before she joined Trinity Theological College.

She is a good friend of mine and was in the same family group (04). This testimony had been published in the TTC monthly bulletin, Trumpet , May '05 edition. I put this good testimony in this web with her pesmission. Thx to my kind sister, Eunice. May what you have written in this testimony, that you have left everything behind for the glory of God will encourage many people to the same thing.

Mangapul Sagala
“Finding the Right Answer"
by Eunice Li-Low

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